Pot-pourri of Poems by Mary Andere

Christmas Communion

Beyond this Bread my eye shall see
that Lord Who once created - me!
Who, from the whirling aeons of space
fashioned the features of my face;
Who, using but Eternity,
gave me the living power to be …
Who gave me sinew, nerve and cell,
His works to do, His praise to tell.

Go softly, rebel heart and soul …
Here, humbly sought, you'll find your Goal.
Go swiftly, feet, yet softly, go
to that Creator whom you know;
bend humbly, knee, before your King,
Who fashioned you for worshipping;
and, hands He made for praise and prayer,
be gentle when you touch Him there.
Beat softly, heart, when now you greet
the One Who timed thy measured beat;
and, eyes, look up as lovingly
As His looked down from Calvary.