Pot-pourri of Poems by Mary Andere

An Easter Prayer

Blood soaked sand and muddied earth;
broken bodies, mirthless earth;
lust and torture, sword and flame,
deeds not even Hell would name.
Was it to cover all of these
You prayed that night beneath the trees?
Was it to wash all these away
You came to earth that first, sweet day?
Did the Babe, all sleeping sweet,
know the nails would pierce His Feet?
And did the Cross's shadow fall
across the stable, poor and small?

O Courage born of Love and Glory …
Eastertide, and Christmas story …
perfect cycle, perfect whole,
design of God to save each soul!
O Word made Flesh, O God made man,
expand my being to Thy Span!
From the Self's dire Calvary
May Christ the Lord be born in me.