Pot-pourri of Poems by Mary Andere

God's Christmas Carol

This is the time of giving …
Love wrapping itself, parcel-shaped,
in bright coloured paper, ribbon-tied,
cost unbegrudged since now, just for now,
Self-love has died,
and others count most
in this Day of True Living.

Radiant faces round a tree;
greetings and kisses given and received,
peace, goodwill, just for this hour,
because for this moment man has known how
Love is the answer, Love the true power!
And they sing a Babe,
and just for a moment of Time they see …

Just for a moment of Time they see,
just a vague glimpse of how it began …
that Child in a manger,
and what it cost Me
to part with that loved One
to be killed on a Tree …
For I gave you at Christmas
My Gift of My Son.