Pot-pourri of Poems by Mary Andere

Whitsun Song

Holy Spirit, Wind of Power,
Beat upon my inmost bower,
sweep through turret, hall and stair,
cleansing all that lingers there!

Holy Spirit, Living Fire,
fill my soul with strong desire,
cleanse the temple, light the flame,
till I tremble at Thy Name!

Holy Spirit, Holy Dove,
bring me messages of love,
melt my heart that it may be,
fit, beloved Lord, for Thee.

Holy Spirit, Love Divine,
ravish all this heart of mine,
let the secret places be
given over, Christ, to Thee.

Holy, Holy Trinity,
who am I that I should be
worthy of such endless bliss?
Bride of such a Groom as this?

Place Thy words upon my lips,
Thy cord of love about my hips,
let the festal robe of white
make me lovely in Thy sight.

Lord - I know the answer now!
When Thou lookest on my brow,
in my mirroring eyes Thy Face
calls forth this so sweet embrace!